Batteries are running down. 
Energy gone but I must plod along. 
I know the finish line is near 
But where exactly is unclear. 
The finish line glows golden 
In the shadow of destruction.
I’ve begun to say goodbye.
Goodbye to quickstep on dance floor.
Goodbye to war the young man’s sport.
Goodbye to struggle to stay alive.
Goodbye to fighting to get mine.
Goodbye to depression loss-gain and jive,
Memories scurry off real fast
Like bob tailed lizards in tall grass
Mountains no longer beckon,
All races now are done.
I’m relaxed in the outgoing tide.
A squadron of pelicans lumber by
Like bombers delivering their load of destruction.
Stardust traces its arc from heaven
To every heart in every nation.
Diamond-dew in Dulcet Park
Where lovers embrace in the dark
Beneath a mantle of moon and stars.
Face to face their eyes caress each other’s soul.
Eyes grow dim and the Light burns brighter
Puccini arias fill my soul
I’ll lay down in repose and
Allow my eyes to finally close
The day my music dies.

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