Breath inhaling life,
Mother’s pure white downy breast,
My grasping fingers
Mother’s finger holding tight.
Young memory lingers on.
Moon light, rising sun,
Midnight crazy-fun delights,
Walking, bicycling,
Sex on car hood and much more
Opens wide the cellar door.
Limitation’s strife,
Seeking pleasure and delights.
Unbound egotism,
Grasping for the easy life.
Darkened shadows on the shore.
Goodbye great white whale.
I leave the dark and stormy sea
And sail into the quiet bay.
Golden rule becomes my guide.
Calmness on the quay and shore.
The glittering guide
Opens the gleaming portal
Of the distant Bourne.
Parting clouds reveal the sun–
Golden gateway to the stars.
Embraced all nature:
Trees on mountain’s bosom, bugs,
Birds, cats, bats, rats and–
Shining stars and pale moon light.
Exploring all, nothing shunned.
I hark the lambent Light.
I hear her speak beneath the trees
Found in Dulcet Park.
She speaks to me with glowing heat
And shows me her bright bosom.


“I shot luminous stardust into space
with you in mind.
You! With your greed, your lust, your rage,
your killing fields,
You! So full of compassion and love,
and listener of Puccini arias.
I fashioned you to dance, stumble and
Rise again and dance towards the light”


Gone the gloom of night.
Above the swells bright sails approach.
My beating heart expands and
I open wide my trembling arms for
The Light beyond the Bourne

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