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LIKE A TREE 5-29-2014

I stay aware of the moment and be like the tree is “being.”

The tree and I are both beings in this amazing circus of life.

The tree I see outside my window has nothing to do except be—nothing to prove, no judgments to make and in the breeze its leaves tremble.

The tree gets shot at and it never gets excited,

Birds build their nest in the tree and it never complains that the birds are noisy, dirty and they crap on it;

In the park dogs raise their hind leg and pee on it.

The tree never complains and always just retains its beingingness and observes the circus of life.

When I go on my walk my mind is still like a tree.

I observe a squadron of pelicans fly by and I realize they are part of the circus, and I’m in the circus with them.

I see cars roll by with the windows down and music blaring and people bebopping to the music and I feel one with them—we are all part of the exciting marvelous circus.

When I’m chopped down I’ll quietly go unperturbed like the tree as my “beingness” expands into the infinite Circus.

This is my final post. Many thanks to the few who have viewed and commented on my posts.


POEM BY HAFIZ (Persian 1315-1390)

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Poem by Hafiz (Persian 1315-1390)

I have learned so much from God
That I can no longer call myself
A Christian, a Hindu, a Muslim
A Buddhist, a Jew.

The Truth has shared so much of Itself with me
That I can no longer call myself
A man, a woman, an angel
Or even pure Soul.

Love has befriended Hafiz so completely
It has turned to ash
And freed me
Of every concept and image
My mind has ever known.


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Brilliancy overspreading all
All embracing Brilliancy
Beyond the beyond
Beyond within
Leaving the womb’s sheltered sea
I was gently slapped and then set free.
The wonderment of warm first breath
And mothers white and downy breast
My grasping fingers held hers tight.
The miracle of walking and bicycle riding
Awakening sex and library reading
Pale moon light and golden sun
Nothing did I ever shun-
Ranging the universe exploring.
Resisting limitations and avoiding strife
Wanton pleasures filled my life.
In springtime frenzied pleasures reigned.
In frenzy, happiness I feigned.
In turmoil festered like a boil.
Non-penitent pennants fly high.
Jingoistic emblems darken the sky and
Egoistic and erotic signs all follow.
Heartache and tears in its hallow
My ship carries unhappy cargo.
In ripening years I yearn to be
Calm like a tree and leave the sea.
At dawn into a quiet bay I sail
Away from the open sea and the great white whale.
I take my tattered ensigns down.
I explored all aspects of the golden rule
And in the mirror I see a fool.
The golden rule became my guide
To the years now opened wide
To the golden gateway of the stars.
I turned to American Indian religion
And embraced all nature with happy freedom:
The shining stars and pale moon light
Redwood trees on the mountainside
The Great Spirit points the way
In the still of the night She speaks,
Her voice caressing me
And my heart beat to Her insistent beat.
“I shot luminous stardust into
Space with you in mind,
You! With Your greed, your lust, your rage,
Your killing fields,
You! So full of compassion and love,
Listener of Beethoven, and Puccini arias
I fashioned you to dance, stumble and
Rise again and dance towards the light”
I find the calmness of the tree
And see Broad white sails approaching me
Above the sparkling sea and
My arms open wide to embrace the Light.
Beyond within
Beyond the beyond
All embracing Brilliancy
Brilliancy overspreading all


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Conscious Capitalism sheds a shining light over the business community and reveals a deeper purpose for business—a much deeper and more noble purpose than just maximizing profits for the shareholders.

 Under the umbrella of Conscious Capitalism business is based on four principals.

 1. Social Purpose: The first principle is that businesses have a social purpose beyond merely maximizing profits for the shareholders. 

2. Stakeholder Principal: The second principle is that businesses  must consider the interests of the interconnected stakeholders—shareholders, employees, suppliers, customers and the community.

3. Leadership Philosophy: The third principle is that business leaders are professionals who are ethically bound to put the interests of all stakeholders ahead of their own. 

They must consider the impact their decisions will have on all the stakeholders. 

4. Business Culture: The business culture must nurture the leadership and stakeholders by encouraging all of them to recognize the principals of Conscious Capitalism. 

The CEO of Whole Foods Markets, John Mackey, practices Conscious Capitalism.

 CNN Money has posted Mackey’s inspiring presentation on Conscious Capitalism at the following site:

 Watch it and feel your heart trembling with excitement as you share John Mackey’s vision.

Send your comments to me, Neil Bezaire, at I would enjoy hearing from you. Attention will be paid.