Changing Ourselves


The ancients recognized that to change the world one must begin by changing oneself.

Changing ourselves does change the world, the cosmos even, because we are part of it all.

To the extent we change ourselves we change the whole fabric of humanity.

The law of radiation and attraction states that we all radiate vibrations which affect others, and their vibrations affect us.

It is almost impossible to disguise these vibrations.

But when our toxic emotions bring us and those around us unhappiness, we can modulate them so that they bring us a satisfying measure of peace and happiness.

For example, if extensive and persistent misanthropic inclinations cause us psychic pain they can be changed for ones own benefit and that of the world.

Some morning after we wake up we might find ourselves in a bad mood: we do not love our mate, or our relative, or our associate as we once did.

In fact, we are downright hostile towards them.

Perhaps they didn’t properly respond to our kindness and on a subconscious level we have tallied things up and discovered that they owe us.

If they owe us just a little, then the response might be mild irritation; if they owe us a great deal, and in addition they have committed an unpardonable offense towards us, the response might be homicidal rage.

But is their anything we can do about that?

After millions of years of marching with the unknowing herd down evolution’s highway, we humans veered off onto a high road with scenic turnouts where we can pull off, quietly reflect, sort through and discard unwanted baggage, share information with our fellow travelers, lend a helping hand, serenely view our inner life, and see where we are headed.

Slowly but unmistakably we are discovering that we can modulate our emotions.

With pure crystalline awareness (one free of toxic emotions) we can look beyond the skin, flesh, and bones, beyond the atoms and molecules, beyond the subatomic particles to the essential goodness of all things.

Pure awareness collapses our boundaries which enables us to experience the Primordial Energy in all things.

Empathy, compassion and love for all beings arise out of the state of pure awareness.

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