Conscious Capitalism sheds a shining light over the business community and reveals a deeper purpose for business—a much deeper and more noble purpose than just maximizing profits for the shareholders.

 Under the umbrella of Conscious Capitalism business is based on four principals.

 1. Social Purpose: The first principle is that businesses have a social purpose beyond merely maximizing profits for the shareholders. 

2. Stakeholder Principal: The second principle is that businesses  must consider the interests of the interconnected stakeholders—shareholders, employees, suppliers, customers and the community.

3. Leadership Philosophy: The third principle is that business leaders are professionals who are ethically bound to put the interests of all stakeholders ahead of their own. 

They must consider the impact their decisions will have on all the stakeholders. 

4. Business Culture: The business culture must nurture the leadership and stakeholders by encouraging all of them to recognize the principals of Conscious Capitalism. 

The CEO of Whole Foods Markets, John Mackey, practices Conscious Capitalism.

 CNN Money has posted Mackey’s inspiring presentation on Conscious Capitalism at the following site:

 Watch it and feel your heart trembling with excitement as you share John Mackey’s vision.

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