From sunrise to sun set—
Dancing in our brains with strife
Insistent kaleidoscopic traits
More or less determine fate.
These kaleidoscopic traits—an ensemble
Of atoms and molecules that rumble.
Endorphins and neurotransmitters flashing,
A fever of heavenly delight dazzling.
Atoms and molecules that we share
Always leaves us wanting more.
They weave a dance that never ends
Until the day that we transcend.
Dancers—a shank of hair, a bag of bones
Have danced in my head and set the tone.
The same dancers dance in your head
All are made for the same bread.
My traits were given to me I suppose
Like the color of eyes and shape of nose
Except unpredictably they shift daily
And can easily make sane men crazy.
Addicted to coffee, booze and, smokes,
Sex, power and pills and pure white coke.
Dancers never say no and never enough
Dancers can make life terribly rough.
I have a pleasant disposition, more or less,
And you have a pleasant disposition, more or less.
I’m mean and nasty, more or less
And you’re mean and nasty, more or less.
The constellation of traits: irritation, displeasure
Disgust, shame, indifference, bad temper
Hangs like a soot cloud over my white linen suit.
Disquieting me and urging me to shoot.
Primordial energy: Einstein’s beguiling
God-atom, hiding, laughing and clapping
Zapping, firing, and misfiring on high.
The singular event dazzling distant eyes
With dulcet voice The Infinite speaks
To tiny dancers in the head:
You! With Your greed, your lust, your rage,
Your killing fields,
You! So full of compassion and love,
You, listener of Beethoven,
I fashioned you to dance, stumble and
Rise again and dance towards the light.

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