Human Traits


Were my traits impressed on me at birth?
Not like my eyes or shape of head
More like a kaleidoscope that quickly changes
Until the moment I am dead.


I’ve heard that traits are never tiring  
Atoms, molecules, DNA, proteins,
flashing, Zapping, firing, misfiring
In a dazzling display of heavenly delight.
From the sunrise to sunset I observe
A kaleidoscope of dancers in my head
And the very same dancing in your head.
Are we not all made out of the same stuff?
Dancers, a shank of hair, a bag of bones
In rags, addicted to coffee, booze, smokes,
sex, power and pills, who never say no and say
Never enough have danced in my head.
The dance varies but never ends
It continues until the sun sets.
I have a pleasant disposition (more or less)
And you have a pleasant disposition (more or less)
I’m inclined to be mean and nasty (more or less)
And you’re inclined to be mean and nasty (more or less)
I love and feel compassion for
The afflicted and downtrodden
And you love and feel compassion for
The afflicted and downtrodden
And we both have a thirst for justice.
And what about anger, road rage, wife abuse,
Abuse of children, mayhem, murder and
Killing fields? Our dancers know these dances,
Or certainly know how to learn them.
And what about the lustful roving eye,
Febrile stolen sex, drunk or sober, and
When the dance is done the dancer’s
Feet stumbles and the feet move on.
Dancers in my brain have
Danced these dances and the dancers in
Your brain have danced these dances, or
Know how to learn them.
And what about the fearful heart, stranger
To serenity, heaped with fright and dread,  
Suffering from worry and trepidation? The
Dancers in our head dance until we’re dead.
The constellation of traits: irritation,
Displeasure, disgust, shame, and indifference
Hangs like a soot cloud over my white linen suit.
Relentless sadness, self-pity, boredom,
Depression, apathy and passivity, leach
Life’s joy from my bones.
The happy traits of easy to please, hopeful
Anticipation, happiness, gratitude, love and
Joy are welcome guests in my heart’s abode,
But they will not stay the night when no
Check is made on the roving eye or the
Door is cracked for rage.
Primordial energy, Einstein’s beguiling
God-atom, hiding, laughing and clapping
Hands behind creation’s door: the big bang
And singular event dazzling distant unborn
Eyes, shooting into the cosmos its
Trait-producing energy.
I shot luminous stardust into
space with you in mind,
You! With Your greed, your lust, your rage,
your killing fields,
You! So full of compassion and love,
You, listener of Beethoven, and Puccini arias
I fashioned you to dance, stumble and
Rise again and dance towards the light.
—-neil bezaire
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