All thrown from same clay
Except for the prism eyes
That perturb the Light.
My eyes twist and bend the light.
And I am sure yours do too.
Each day my eyes change,
And I’m unaware which are
Prisms for the day.
Are they the prism-eyes which
Colors and shade my meanings?
The anger prism
Rushes toxic adrenaline
Making brain angry.
I see loving family
Through hot downpours of red rain.
Jingoistic eyes
Tattooed on brain by others
Curtains my vision,
Projects shadows on others
Blinding me to light within.
Nations jingo eyes
Bring on war and destruction.
Poured into Mars’s cup
Nation’s sons and daughter’s blood
Is slurped by the black dogs of war.
Ethnocentric eyes
Look down from the haughty heights
And with heavy thumb
Weigh the relative merits
Me and mine are always best.
Emotions bluster
Through my interior realm
Forging Prism-eyes
That see red rage, gloom, despair,
Blackness, absent angels there.
Through prism-eyes of
Greed doubt and fear I’m besieged
And insecure even while
Kissed by angles all pure white
My heart’s never calm at rest.
Sadness prism-eyes
All things look gray to blackness
Refusing to see
Overspreading brilliant sky
Unfading cherry blossoms.
Jealous prism-eyes
Always infidelities
The green eyed monster
Everywhere I spy is there
Devouring heart and soul.
Censure prism-eyes
Light flames of irritation,
Annoyance, anger, hatred.
And harden my heart in stone.
My heart cannot rest serene.
Despair prism eyes
See all as dank and dark.
I withdraw from life.
Death opens wide its portal
Fear what’s on the other side.
Earth serenely sails
The cosmic sea midst the stars.
Prism eyes of Joy
Like serene clouds in the blue
I sail to my unknown fate.
Through prism eyes of
Love, beauty is everywhere.
Through the porous clay
See the radiance within
From nothing am I estranged.
When all prisms drop
I clearly see incoming
White sails hovering, 
Embrace the night!, the bright light!
Embrace the undistorted light.

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