Let your love flow outward through the universe, to its height, its depth, its broad extent, a limitless love, without hatred or enmity. Then as you stand or walk, sit or lie down, as long as you are awake, strive for this with a one-pointed mind; your life will bring heaven to earth. – Sutta Nipata

The Empyrean crackles and flows

Through eternity’s pinhole door

Pure Love flows at sunrise

And a universe is born.


He raped her and called it “making love.” In wars he slaughtered mothers and children—for love of country he said; He slaughtered millions in gas ovens—for love of nation the Austrian said; He killed millions in the gulags and the Russian said—for love of motherland of course. Of course? Of course, there is no love in rape, there is no love in murder, and there is no love in war.

Love has various meanings—romantic love, familial love, sexual love, and Pure Love.


We’re talking here about Pure Love. Pure Love is a soul serene, free of attachments, no toxic emotions on its screen. Pure Love is gentle and kind; Pure Love does not envy nor is it greedy. Pure Love rejoices in authenticity; Pure Love is not Orwellian nor is it Machiavellian.

Pure Love is like the radiant sun, the golden ball of joy; it opens my ears to Puccini Arias, opens my eyes to morning mists in flower fields, and opens my heart to compassion and authenticity, Pure Love is serene like sea birds riding the breeze; it’s like a mother’s smile, and a thousand roses offering themselves to me.

Pure Love flowed at sunrise, a sea bursting from eternity;

When the sea calmed down, people, planets and stars were born..

 To understand Pure Love, one needs to direct their heart, mind and soul to the beginning of the universe. The Hindu Rig-Veda asks the question “whence comes this creation?” The Christian bible answers “In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God;” The Koran proclaims “Where so ever you turn, there is the Face of God.”

Pure Love has various names—Primordial Consciousness, Primordial Energy, Jehovah, Allah, God, Jesus, Buddha, Para Brahman, Shiva and Pure Love.

Scientists say that in the beginning a sea of limitless energy appeared in the void; then galaxies, stars, planets, particles and wondrous life forms deployed.

Pure Love is unchanging reality; an immutable, illimitable, and indestructible sea of energy in which planets, stars and people play. I swim in the sea like a fish, oblivious to Pure Love’s sway.


How do I open my eyes and heart and let the sunshine pour in. How do I experience the golden ball of joy while swimming in the sea of Love?

From pure awareness Pure Love arises. When toxic emotions melt away, my eyes and heart open to Pure Love’s existence. I see incoming broad white sails above the frothy foam and my arms open wide to embrace the undistorted light. When I’m in a state of flow the world enthralls me as if I’m listening to a Puccini aria, playing in a symphony, singing in a choir, or standing under a clear blue sky watching the golden ball of joy sail by.

 With pure awareness of the flower

Heart awakened to Pure Love’s Power

Judging a rose—it is past its prime, the stem is too long or the stem is too short—bars me from experiencing the essence of the rose. When judging a rose, up pops a barrier between me and the rose. The rose I perceive is kept at a distance while I compare it to the rose in my head—here I stand and the rose is there in the distance. When observing a rose without thought or censure, pure awareness unites me with the rose and its essence—and an aha! moment is the creation.

Censuring a rattlesnake—it’s poisonous, slimy, and dangerous—prevents me from experiencing its essence. What I experience instead is agitation, loathing and dread. Away I rush and return with a rake in my hand and beat the snake to death.

If I remain calm and not succumb to agitation, loathing and dread, I fully experience the snake instead. I see sun sparkling in its eyes, and the beauty of the diamond patterned skin; I see gleaming fangs and hypnotic rhythms of its dancing tongue. When emotional barriers are removed, an aha! moment in pure awareness unites me with the snake and its essence.

Judging others—they are ugly or beautiful, nasty or kind, stupid or blind—prevents me from experiencing their essential goodness; when attending to others while judging them, trying to control them, sell them, hold on to them, fear them, or seduce them, what I experience is anxiety, separation, anger, fear and loneliness.

When observing others without hidden agendas or toxic emotions my mind is clear and my heart is still; and my boundaries expand to encompass the other.

I see the other as never before. I see radiance in their straightforward eyes when they are happy, I see pain in their downcast eyes when they are grumpy. I see great beauty in their contours and shadows from the morning light. Beyond skin, flesh and bones, I see their goodness illuminated by Pure Love’s radiance. I experience the unity of our essence and the joy of an aha! moment.

Judging myself—I wish I were a better person, I hate my friend and hate myself for hating my friend and I’m no good for feeling this way—prevents me from loving myself as I really am. Is it possible to love myself as I really am and the Pure Love residing in me?

I observe what happens when I censure myself. When I am angry with myself and I think: “I should not be angry.” the censorious thought creates a duality. I am angry is the reality, but I think I should not be angry is an image I have in my head. The tension between the reality of my anger at my friend and the thought “I should not be angry” creates anxiety and self-reproach, which accelerates in a downward depression.

When I accept reality, there is no tension between what I observe and the ideal I have in my head. Anxiety yields to authenticity and my anger melts away, maybe not quickly—but it’s a start.

Awareness Exercise to Broaden Your Boundaries

I do this awareness exercise while observing someone I love. When I cannot see the person, I observe with my mind’s eye. I relax and let my mind be still. I experience the various levels of my loved one’s being. I am aware of my loved one’s skin, flesh, and bones. Next I focus my pure awareness on the molecules, atoms, and subatomic particles, the building blocks of the skin, flesh, and bones. Next I focus on my loved one’s mind, heart and soul and finally focus on the concentration of primordial energy, the divine ground of all existence, and feel the connection that unites me and my loved one.

I do not judge any quality. If a judgment or other thought enters your mind, I do not resist or censure myself for having the thought. I just observe the thought as part of my reality. I focus my pure awareness on my loved one’s face, then eyes, ears, nose, mouth, and body. If an emotion arises, I do not resist it. I observe the emotion and trace its origins back to the cascade of molecules throughout my body. I just observe and make no judgment whether it is bad or good.

I continue focusing my attention on my loved one and observe telltale signs of emotions and feelings—fear, anger, sadness, joy, pleasure, and contentment. I sense the empathy arising for my loved one.

I broaden my boundaries to include all beings.

I repeat this exercise while focusing my mind’s eye on the one I like the least.

I repeat this exercise while focusing my mind’s eye on the nations of the world and the people in them.

I repeat this awareness exercise while observing some other living thing—a flower, insect, bird, wild animal, or pet. I see it with love and pure awareness and I see as I’ve never seen before.

I repeat this awareness exercise while observing myself. I focus my awareness on all levels of my being until I reach my essential goodness.


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