I filled my green life with myriad wanton pleasures.
Limitations I resisted.
In the springtime frenzied pleasures reigned.
In the frenzy, happiness I feign.
Within was turmoil
And in the swirl all was possible.
With non-penitent Pennant flying high
I sailed my ship with jingoistic emblems,
Badges and icons plastered everywhere
Unhappy cargo in its hold and
Heartache and tears in its wake.
In my ripening years, yearning
For the calmness of a tree and the
Steadfastness of the ground on which
It stands, drew me into quiet bays
Protected from perturbing waves and
I took my tattered ensigns down.
I hearkened to the golden rule (and its
Appended dogma) and wove it into the
Fabric of my life and used it to guide me
Through the labyrinthine ways.
In my autumn years I wondered:
What of the rose, the tree and all living
And what of the birds pecking about on the
ground or seabirds sailing serenely
in a breeze over the undulating sea?
And what of the redwood rain forest silently
breathing on the mountain’s bosom?
And what of the sun offering energy and life?
And what of the moon and stars that
gladden the pilgrim’s heart while
shining bright in the pitch black sky?
American Indian spirituality expanded
The ambit of my soul to encompass Nature.
Her poem voice spoke to me with love and
With love-brimmed heart I embraced Her.
In my winter years I wondered:
What of the Light, the all encompassing
Energy, the ground of all existence, infinite
Energy that gave birth to our universe and
Myriad other universes without diminishing
Herself. What rule, what law, what mantra
will guide me to Her?
Inwardly I found the Light which
Illuminates the calm tree
and the steadfast ground on which it stands.
Outwardly rules, dogma and jingoistic ensigns,
badges and emblems and ethnocentric icons
have been absorbed by the Light.
My steps feel lighter now (although if you saw
me you would think them heavy) and I nestle in
The Light, the all encompassing Light and
Surrender to its sweet embrace.
—-neil bezaire
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